Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ashlynn's Quotes....Words to Live By....

Everyday, this kid is saying something else that makes us laugh. Or cry. Or want to get out the yard stick (j/k) So i thought Id start keeping track! Its becoming a crucial part of my scrapping journey, and taking a que from Stacy Julian, Ive began keeping notepads around the house to compile ideas and quotes it. Brilliant, even if you dont scrap.

28 Jan 09: "Mom, be patient with me. Im eating here!"

27 Feb 09: while playing ball with her dad in the backyard, singing "Me got it! Me got it! And I dont know what to do with it!"

14 March 09: "Mom, you are TOO OLD to be a princess!! You be the prince!"

16 Mar 09: Me: "Ashlynn! Mind your own business!" Ash: "But I like your business better!"

01 April 09: "Dad, your eyes are beautiful! Let me poke them!"

03 June 09: ...after following me into the bathroom in the morning..."MOM! Were having privacy TOGETHER!!!"

03 June 09: Me-"How many times should I have to ask you to do something before you do it?" Ash-"Ummmm, 40? Im not really sure."

Dont worry. There will be more. Im sure of it! HA!


Elizabeth said...

I love what kids say. I need to write it down too. Hey I am sorry it didn't workout while I was in Spokane. We will have to try next time for sure.