Monday, May 25, 2009

My Newest Passion...

This year, just before the arrival of our Gracie Pie (aka Fatty Farts-a-Lot...classy, Dad!) I began a new journey in the world of crafty scrapbooking!! I had been playing with Photoshop since back in '07 when Piper deployed to Djibouti for 4 months, and it NEVER OCCURRED to me to use it to scrapbook! Paper scrapping is just not practical for me. I SUCK at being creative hand-to-paper...but give me elements and fonts to copy and paste? JACKPOT! I've since started taking photography more seriously, enjoying the editing of pictures, and creating not just photographs, but memories for my family and friends to share!

I just started reading Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian. Its an introduction into making your scrapbooks into a Library Of Memories. Its a FANTASTIC reference into organizing and creating memorable and BEAUTIFUL scrapbooks! As much as I've enjoyed and learned from my classes from Jessica Sprague, I had NO IDEA how I was going to sort thru all these beautiful layouts (if I do say so myself!) I recommend this book to ANYONE who has any desire to make their scrapbooks, digital or paper, mementos for our childrens children to cherish!!

ANYWAY, Im about to jump feet first into reorganizing THOUSANDS of pictures (2005-now), meanwhile saving up for my new camera! WOO HOO!!