Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our First POST! WOO HOO!!

So after a lot of procrastinating, here is the Piper family blog!


Ill be adding things here and there, it seems I've always got some kind of antidote about Ash or milestone of Gracie's, and Piper and I do cool stuff too!!! (ha! We all know that once you have a kid, you lose most of your identity. I'm OK with it!)

Recently to report, Patrick made promotion! He is now a Master Sgt Select! WOO HOO!! He will put on Master sometime early 2010 (we estimate) and hopefully that will come with a field job for him. He gets awfully bored in the office all the time! Hes looking into starting to compete in triathlons again, which would be a lot of work, but how can I complain when its so good for him? He's taking the summer semester off of school to spend more time with all of us, and he will be going to jump master school in late June for 3 weeks. Georgia in the summer...ugh!

I have been busy around the house with the kids, and CONSTANTLY trying to get things more organized. It seems I'm fighting a losing battle. I have been challenged to learn a new graphics program (CoralDraw) to make vector images. So I am taking some online classes to learn that (in my "spare time" HA!) I have been having lots of fun with my digital scrap booking, and will post some of my "progress" on here as it comes.

Ashy is staring down the barrel at the end of the "school year" (she attends preschool at Michael Anderson Elementary School here on base.) Her classes have been twice a week, and the focus has been on her social skills. As we all know, Ash is NOT lacking in social skills, so we got her signed up for private preschool starting in the fall. She will attend 3 days a week and learn basic writing skills, some math, Spanish and a little science to help her ready for kindergarten. The preschool program on base is a real blessing, but I believe that this new school will challenge her in a very positive way.
Her 4th birthday is coming up in about a month, and she has decided a pizza party is how we will celebrate! I cant believe my baby is almost 4!!

Gracie is growing like a week, fitting in 6-9 month clothes at 3 months old!! UGH! She is my beautiful little moose! At her 2 month check up she weighed in at 13lbs 15oz, and 23 inches. A full 5 lb growth!! Average is about 2! She is starting to stay awake longer now, and is working on finding her thumb just like big sis.

This seems like a pretty good catch up post...Ill be posting as often as possible to keep every up to speed on the kiddos, pictures, and happenings of us crazy traveling Pipers!!


Marie Potter said...

Yay! Welcome to the blogging world. =)

flutterbike said...

Blogging is a good deal! You'll have to check mine out, which will become "ours" too. It's on my facebook page and I can't remember the address right now.

See you guys soon!