Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Hubby is home for 4 days, its fantastic! We have even gotten to go shopping and errand running TOGETHER! That NEVER happens!!

Back to the fam...

But before that, a short story. I was at Walmart a few days ago, and a cute old man was in line in front of me. He was making eyes at Gracie (surprise) and bantering politely. Before he left, he handed me a dum dum sucker and said "Sweets for the sweet!" Awww! I thanked him, and put it in my pocket (NOT to be consumed, mind you. Don't take candy from strangers! At least, don't eat it!!) When I pulled it out the other day, well, look at it...

Sometimes the coincidences are just too hard to pass by!

Happy weekend, everyone!! XOXO