Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Weekend with the Girls...

I am blessed. Blessed to have a husband who, VERY bravely, took on both girls for an entire weekend so I could take a girls weekend with my mom, my best friend, Janel, and HER mom, Cheryl, to Seattle.

We spent Saturday and Sunday shopping, eating, meeting up with family and old friends, and enjoying some much needed peace and quiet!

My favorite part of Seattle is ALWAYS the market! We took my mom to the first Starbucks EVER! Our coffee (and tea) lovin' minds were blown :-) The flowers and produce were beautiful as always. LOTS of tulips this time of year. And some amazing daffodils. I love daffs. One of my all time favorite flowers :-)

Lots of fun. Lots of giggling. Lots of wine (for some of us, anyway!)

I cant wait to do it all again!

Here are a few photo highlights:


Maegan said...

The market is gorgeous. I really need to make it a point to get down there more often. I'll have to post a picture of our yard. It is filled with daffodils right now. :)

ANNNNNND, your new blog banner rocks!!!