Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New Blog Look!

Just a quick update, a new blog look, and a little relief that I AM actually still capable in my Photoshop!!

We had a WONDERFUL trip to South East Texas for Christmas, spending time with the entire Piper family. I was able to capture a few pictures of all of us together!

Santa was nice enough to follow us all the way to Texas, and Gracie had quite an eventful first Christmas, surrounded by her sister and 2 cousins PLOWING through gifts in record time! And, upon our return, Ash was thrilled to discover that Santa HAD remembered to stop by our house too, and left a few gifts under the tree for the girls. He ALSO left a few at Cama's house. Can you say SPOILED GIRLS?? :-)

Gracie had another check up, and her weight is acceptable. The Dr says he MAY have over reacted when he requested all the blood work last month (ugh.) but she is healthy. And MOBILE!! MAN, is she mobile!!

On a business note, we were SO blessed to have a fantastic opening Christmas season in the Boutique, and I look forward to turning Tiny Belles into a stand alone website in early 2010.

So, here we are, busy playing catch up, and enjoying the last few days of 2009. And looking forward to all the joys and excitement 2010 will bring!