Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Dont get me wrong. Ashlynn is my world. I love that little girl and all her sass more than anything in this world. But, man, on days where she spends a few nights at my parents house...the quiet is...well, its heavenly.

I dont know if other mommies can relate, but Ash has hit the age of "no off button." She is CONSTANTLY asking questions, telling me jokes, singing songs, counting things...all of which are things Im grateful she can do. But I find my rope shortening, thread by thread, especially after a week of Piper being in the woods.

So, I happily drop her off with Cama and Bapa for a few days, and let them enjoy her banter. And I play with Gracie (without feeling like Im neglecting someone ELSE lol!) and enjoy quiet dinners with my husband...and about 24 hours I am, blogging...cause Im bored without her!

Dont forget to visit the store and check out the new things Im adding this week.

ANND dont let me forget to wish every everyone a happy Veterans day!! I couldnt be prouder of mine :-)


Kat said...

Me toooo... Sometimes the car can't go fast enough to drop off the kids. Then after few wonderfully peaceful hours the quiet is almost too much to bear. I start counting down the time until they come home. With a 3 1/2 and a 5 year old at home the questions, singing, talking, and commentating on everything we do is in stereo.

Maegan said...

Good news: They are so entertaining at this age! (And still like to talk to you)
Bad news: It doesn't go away. Zoƫ only stops talking when she is asleep. LOL!