Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Update November 2009

So lately, I've been pretty preoccupied with my store and with the girls, so I haven't been updating the blog as much as Id like. I hope to fix that soon!! In the meantime, here's a quick update!

Ash is LOVING school! She is so smart, and is back to writing her letters and recognizing letter sounds like she was at her Pre School in Pensacola.
She was Belle for halloween, and I will have pictures up asap.

Quote of the last month:


Gracie is growing like a weed! She is getting longer and not gaining so much girth, and my back and hips are grateful! MAN is she heavy!! At 8 months, she is weighing in at 18 lbs even and 28.5 inches. That means she has grown an inch every month! Sheesh.

She is SUCH a happy baby. She got her bottom 2 teeth, and her being "grumpy" basically means she doesn't give EVERYONE the full face smile every time you look at her. She isn't fussy and her reflux is totally gone. She is eating 3 meals a day and still nursing 4-5 times. I'm holding out and hoping I don't have to ween her until 12 months, but at this rate, she will be weening me!

She has discovered how to pick things up off the floor and stick them in her mouth (hurray.) and is scooting all over. No crawling yet, but she is certainly mobile.

Piper is keeping busy with school, his field flight and us, of course. He is doing VERY well in school! (He has gotten 97% on both of his recent research papers) He is in the field for 6 days each month, but in all honesty, I think its a great break for all of us. He gets to play in nature with guys and do all those guy things, and we get to hang out at home and do all the girl things (which are, in his opinion, pillow fights and talking about stickers.) He should be putting Master Sgt on sometime early 2010, and I am ENDLESSLY proud of him and the way he handles all his responsibilities. He is quiet a guy.

I have been keeping busy with my new business venture, and trying to keep up with the house. The store is really fun for me, and I'm really enjoying all aspects of it. And sales haven't been bad, either!! Make sure you visit when you're doing your Christmas shopping! I have tutus, personalized hand stamped necklaces and my girlfriend, Janel, is making DARLING hair accessories!!

I've also been exploring my creativity more with photography, something my brother and I both really enjoy. If I ever get to go back to school, I think that is what I would study. Its fascinating.

Anyway, hope this finds everyone well! With the holidays approaching, I know I will hear from more of you soon.