Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project: CREATE!

It never really occurred to me that I'm a creative person. Other people have told me that I am, but I've never felt creative. I mean, I do my graphic design/scrapbooking stuff, but that's all cut and paste and drag and drop. I'm not hands on crafty. Until now! Turns out, I am creative!! (did you know?)

Now, here is where my A.D.D and my creativity make an UGLY union, and nothing ever gets done. For instance, here is a list of things (CREATIVE, crafty things) I want to do right now.

-make wooden signs. Sounds lame right? I could SO do this! And how cute are they? yeah, Ill let ya know when I make it to the LUMBER store...HA!

-make hand stamped jewelry. (I own this necklace. The Vintage Pearl is AMAZING! So simple and classy. My jewelry hero. Check Erin out!) Its surprisingly simple! I want to open up my own hand stamped jewelry store on Etsy, targeting mainly military spouses and families. GREAT project...and I am slowly collecting the supplies I will need...

-making my annual fall wreath. I love fall. A lot. I love the colors. I love the smells. I love the cooler weather. This will be happening sooner than later!!

-painting the coffee table. Its AWFUL!! I think its actually been chewed on! (Not sure by who or what, but it looks like it has tooth marks, I swear!) I have a great plan to prime it and either paint it DEEP chocolate brown or black. Then I have this image of either decoupaging or lacquering a damask pattern on top, almost like a table runner. Wouldn't that look cool? (I don't think Piper is sold, stay tuned) I'm hoping for this to actually happen next week, we shall see.

-Re staining the CUTE little end table I just acquired (read:STOLE!!) from the 2nd hand store down the road for a mere $15!! Should I strip and stain it or do it up to match the coffee table? (thoughts?)

Anyway, on top of this is my Cathy Zielske workshop, during which, for the next month, I will be creating a scrapbook all about ME (YAY!! I LOVE ME!!!) Ill post progress.

I've always had this feeling. This feeling I cant exactly explain, but basically, I know that I could build my own Mini Empire sitting right here in this spot on my couch. I know I could. So I'm exploring all the ways I could possibly make that happen. Right now, my thoughts drift towards the aforementioned craftiness and my love for graphic design. And now, as the winter months close in, I figure if I can keep myself (and the kids) busy with projects and creativity, we will ALL be happy!

Lets see where it takes me!