Monday, July 13, 2009

Around the House...and On the Road!

So, as I'd mentioned before, Piper has been in Georgia at Jump Master School. I'll let HIM fill everyone in on the excitement he is experiencing there later. (note:heavy sarcasm) But while he has been away, I have been trying to start and wrap up some projects around the house. Not only is it helpful not having him under foot (I love you, honey. But you get in the way sometimes ;-) BUT it makes the time fly by and before I know it, He's home again!

First off, I cleaned the carpets. I LOVE having clean carpets!! It made me ENDLESSLY happy to erase all those stains and icky footprints from our HORRIBLE winter! And may I recommend Procyon as one of my favorite things! (Great carpet cleaner AND stain remover! Dad sells it, and I'm TOTALLY on board! oh, and it's a GREEN PRODUCT!)

Then, I packed up the girls and we went to Seattle for 3 days. We spent our time with the Birr family, minus Kelly, who was out of town. I got to have some GREAT mommy quality time with Maegan, while Ash and her 5 year old daughter, Zoe, played happily for all 3 days! What a nice mini vaca for all of us!

Well, we got home, and the real work began! We moved into this house in late December, and the office STILL hadn't been completely unpacked! SO, my mission (and I began to regret accepting it) was to put the office together, and make it PERFECT to surprise Piper when he gets home. (I also have a little surprise within the surprise, Ill post pics of that after he gets home as not to blow it) So, I began putting away books, merging CD collections, filing paperwork, dusting, decluttering and altogether delousing the tiny space that had become the catch all for all of the "Where should I put this?" crap! I'm pleased to report that you can now see the floor, close the closet doors, and actually fit a computer onto the desk! I will be getting some closet organizing supplies eventually, but now that (most) everything in that room has a home, I am a happy girl.

Next up: OUR CLOSET! May I just say, I've seen it worse...BUT it's time to part with some of the things we just cant ever seem to let go of. Ill be making piles and letting him sort thru a few items, but there will be a BIG Goodwill run happening the next time we go to my parents house!!

Piper returns Saturday afternoon, and I'm hoping he will not be met by the chaos that comes before the organization is complete. But I'm really not too optimistic about it.

I have, however, been enjoying some scrapping time, both in the evenings when the girls finally go to sleep, and from our trip to Seattle this last week. I will be posting some of that sooner than later. (my nose will need a break from the dust everywhere!)

Looking forward to reporting on Pipers outcome at Jump Master School, and his anxiously awaited arrival home. I was informed tonight that "Daddy is just BETTER at putting me to bed, mom. Sorry." There ya have it.