Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Favorite Things...

A friend of mine recently blogged that the sunshine in summer seemed to motivate her in her everyday life. I have been feeling similarly! Organizing, cleaning, gardening, working out, planning activities for the kids and the family, joining the Womens Ministry at the church...etc. I've been kind of all over the place lately. So today, one of the things I decided today I was going to become more vigilant about is blogging the things I think of every day. I know my fellow mommies read, and family, and I know how much I love it you all share your thoughts and ideas with me, SO I will finally begin doing the same!!

I was cleaning my kitchen sink today, and the idea occurred to me to start sharing my favorite things. This may change daily from my kids habits to my favorite cleaning supplies, but all of these things are valuable, right??!!

Anyway, while cleaning rust (and God knows what else) stains off my sink today, I was thinking about how much I love my Magic Erasers. And, as anyone who knows me would realize, I am CHEAP so I always buy the store brand (usually Target) but MAN those things rock!!! Here are some of the family wide calamities I have solved with this MIRACLE (yeah, I said it) product:

-Ashlynn coloring an ENTIRE tile on our all tile floor bright red with her crayons. Took it all of, grout and all!
-Shoe scuff marks on the floor. Enough said.
-the NASTY grime that collects in the texture of the bottom of the bathtub. I HATE that! And no amount of bleach cleanser and scrubbing takes that off. And the ring around the bathtub. And the GROUT in the bathtub. Pretty much the entire bathroom.
-Scuffs on furniture from moving.
-Dirty SHOES!!

the list goes on...but let it be said...the MAGIC ERASER-DEFIANTLY one of my favorite things!


Maegan said...

I *LOVE* Magic Erasers! Make sure if you ever have Ashlynn cleaning with one that she has gloves on. I got an email once showing some nasty chemical burns on children's hands from scrubbing with them.

Another one of my favorite products is OxyClean laundry spray (or something like that.) It is FANTASTIC for getting stains out.