Friday, June 26, 2009

I Was Going To Marry Michael Jackson...

I do not think of myself as a big "fan girl." Read: I enjoy celeb gossip, its funny. But I'm not a lunatic when it comes to falling all over celebrities and their pedestals they sit upon. But there have, I can honestly say, been a few moments in my life that the death of a celeb has made me have to stop and catch my breath.

When Aaliyah died, I was sad. I felt bad because it was so tragic, so untimely, so sudden.

When George Harrison died, I actually shed a tear. While My Guitar Gently Weeps is one of my top 3 fave Beatles tunes, and I grew up listening to their music. It made them all a part of my family. That was a sad sad day.

But yesterday, I picked up my blackberry, and saw the words "Michael Jackson suffers heart attack. Dies." WHHHAAAAAA? Nah, hes only, like, 50! Hes creepy, and possibly some kind of chi-mo, but hes MICHAEL FREAKIN JACKSON!!! Text messages start pouring in, as EVERYONE I am close to knows I was deeply in love with the man in my youth. I had his "Beat It" poster over my bed til I was at LEAST 10! I dreamed of marrying him, and the two of us living in my parents basement (you know, it would be tough for the King of Pop to afford our own place...) I loved to watch him move. I sat, at age 3, watching "Thriller," just MESMERISED! (I watched, mind you, hands over my eyes, peeking thru my fingers. Come on! It was scary!) Thriller was the first tape I ever owned. And the second CD I replaced a tape with! (since has been replaced with the 25th anniversary addition...quality...) He was the Elvis of my generation. Im choosing to remember the Michael I fell in love with, not the creepy, self destructive MJ. To my mind, he will always be "Thriller" MJ, just as Elvis will always be "Young Elvis."

Rest in peace, old friend. You inspired me to dance my way thru the early years of my life, and I know in that I am not alone!


Bethany Luck-Hutson said...

So sad! He was definitely our generation's Elvis. I just wonder how many Anna Nicole/Heath Ledger/Michael Jackson's it's going to take for people to realize how big of a problem abusing prescription drugs is.

Elizabeth said...

Ummmm is it bad if I didn't Cry? I did think that mothers of boys around never land were/are taking a breath of relief though.. No I do remember so many good memories to his songs but it only goes to show that money and fame and all that don't always equal happy fulfilled lives. It was sad.

Maegan said...

I still can't quite believe he is dead. I know this sounds kind of bad, but I thought all the plastic surgery would have preserved him like a twinkie until he was at least 100. :)